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Annual Silent Thunder Order Conference

Many bows to Jacquline-ni for hosting the annual FSZS picnic at her house on Saturday. This was a great way to enjoy her garden and home and meet new people.

This week I return to Atlanta for our Annual Silent Thunder Order Conference (7Th). It is a combination of Sesshin, Board Meeting, Training, and Jukai (New Vow Takers). This year we add the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of our home Center/Sangha, The Atlanta Soto Zen Center. All-in-all a very packed and exciting time ahead. Let me encourage all of you to come to ASZC at some point to see this unique place beside an urban wetland and the Green Dragon Trail. When living in Atlanta I served two terms on the ASZC Board of Directors and am amazed every time I return. I will send updates on activities this week. Go to to find additional information.

Please continue your Practice as you enjoy Tuesday mornings at the beach and our regular Tuesday night Service will be conducted by different members of FSZS who have taken Jukai: Koin-ni, Jikai-san, Enjitsu-san, and Kyoshin-ni. I will return for the first Tuesday in August.

All is not an implication

Nor relationship a connection

Dharma is non-discrimination

Therefore All is wondrous revelation

May all beings be free...

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