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Sky Playing With Rainbow

R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. is the name color spectrum is the game. That is how I learned the prism effect in high school physics. Well, I must tell everyone I have just had a wondrous experience in its application.

Sitting on the deck of a beach house on Cape San Blas, Florida, sipping coffee and watching dark and light clouds parading and dancing across the top of the Gulf of Mexico it happened! Gazing up to my left at about 10 o' clock of the horizon i saw a faint shift in cloud coloration. The kind of corner-eye awareness that slowly catches one's attention. I saw a splotch of a few minutes of arc of bands of color. Now, IT was just sitting up among the clouds-so I watched. This splotch began to elongate downward, a kind of stretching smooth not jerky. Now I'm hooked! The width of the splotch expanded and the colors grew more vivid (the photo to the left is not mine, but searching web-images produced an "almost perfect" view).

Then! An outline of the extended arc continued from 10 to 11 o'clock. At the same time the phenomenon started another minute of arc from 1 to 2 o'clock, like the sky had invisible scaffolds not just building from both ends but in mid-air (so-to-speak). Now brighter R.O. and I.V. their bands of color thicker winched. But wait... off to the left of the now 9 to 11 o'clock arc a new arc outline was forming building a larger doom over the first now almost arch. Two constructions projects pulsing and vibrating interspersed with clouds and color fades, in and outs.

My mind then took flight as I conjured-up "Beings" from a different dimension trying to communicate with me through this form/mode. What if the process morse-code like, was a greeting? Naw, I thought, but IT was clearing emptiness and form having its way with me-wow..

Then placing the bauble aside the sky playfully picked-up the wind...

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