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10,000 Things

Many of the 10,000 things drove with me from Falmouth to Atlanta. The Mini Cooper was maxi-loaded with stuff as I anticipated current and future need-medicine of course, clothes, priestly attire, books and food. I recalled Lindberg's speaking of his airplane in his autobiography as "We." All explorers and discoverers must find the right stuff to survive. Even Hanks had his "Wilson" and "Winged" gods. I have always enjoyed driving and how I and car become less than two as my mind did its thing and my hands/feet and car did another. Do we have an autopilot that kicks in when needed as we remember in a lurch that 40 miles have passed somehow as I smiled about Jukai the day before in Falmouth, now also packed neatly inside? I picked up a few things along the way. The most delightful being a sunset in the Shenandoah Valley attended by fall colors of tree and bush and long white dragons licking the tops of mountains whose feet were covered with fog.

I am now safely harbored in my daughter's newly renovated home in Atlanta for two days before beginning 30 days of Ango at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center. I'm not sure but I believe that sitting at this watering-hole other 10,000-things will be arriving too..

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