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Opportunity of Moment

I am sometime aware that certain moments get less attention than others. For example how aware are we of being tired? Well this may vary in degree and time but we all experience it. The IT of tiredness is the universe as ME experiencing the universe as TIRED. The same is true of vigor, some days I am raring to go. In both examples the MIND is experiencing reality, and here is the kicker, even the small mind or Ego having a "hard-time" with the experience, is the universe experiencing the universe having a HARD-TIME EXPERIENCING.

There is no escaping the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Sometime we wish for a softer-gentler route or decision or outcome and even question the fairness of karma as in the cards are stacked against us. Well they are our cards our consequence of being in the game that in turn is a part of the reality that the hand must be played. This is not nihilistic as we are not suggesting all doom and gloom. Rather, it is the right view of sobriety or seeing clearly and deep into the moment.

Toward the end of anything we take stock of what has happened and why, hence the desire to do better "Next Year or Next Time." I suggest there is another way. It is in the moment realizing you are alive (breath in, breath out and breath-in again). The wonder of this fact is compelling. Realizing that you are alive and have the succeeding moments to do something good (reduce suffering) produces both perseverance and gratitude. This is called Nirvana or burning out of the entire moment-staying with it wringing out everything its holds-making the most of every last drop of moment.

So my wish is that you try living each moment to the best of your ability. and your reward what exactly is it? The opportunity to live the next one...

Bows _/\_

See you at service December 12, 2017


We will not have service on Tuesday December 26, 2017

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