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Tuesday Night Service Enlivened

You get out of your car collect your stuff, walk to the door and you see candle light through the glass. Dawn-like light in the large room, now a Zendo, beckons. The Zendo created by the Sensei (teacher). Turning first to find the teachers shoes you align yours with his, bowing to do so. Then, approaching a small bowl you offer a kind thought to the Universe and a few dollars to the Sangha. Turning left, the Zendo forms are visible, chairs, zafus and zafutons, icons and an old guy sitting by the altar who placed everything just so in the space. Bowing (to Buddha-life) and entering the space walking slowly finding a place to sit, bowing again (to Dharma-teachings/truth), and turning then bowing to the group (to Sangha-us). Sitting in a form/posture of alignment and uprightness, breathing awareness dropping away of the senses-body and mind. Zazen is allowing the natural to arise. Moment by moment breathing in and breathing out you sit. The Han is struck saying awake each one and do not waste this life Thoughts come and go, no fighting with, running from, or entertaining them just being, We get-up and walk as we sat, silently fully aware swaying-motion now. Sitting again we then rise repent our harmful actions, take refuge in the life of the Buddha, his teachings and we the followers of a 2500 year old practice. Chanting follows as we speak aloud of the great meaning of life spoken by the Han. Impermanence of all things, interconnectivity of the universe and the flux of senses we call self. Now the old guy talks about Buddhist and Zen tenants as we sip tea and have a meaningful conversation and vow to help others understand what we have as Buddhists. Deconstructing the Zendo it returns to space and we carry the Dharma with us in the ten directions...




  • January 23, 2018, "FSZS Calendar for 2018"

In January, we will discuss a translation of the Hsin‑Hsin Ming when we meet on January 28th to discuss the reading. Pages 2-5 of the attached file are the reading. Sensei left room in the translation to write notes. This is a different type of reading which Sensei called Dharma Study used at Dharma Retreats at ASZC. Join us for discussion on:

January 28, 2018

At: Koin-ni Sue’s Home

41 Carol Avenue

East Falmouth

For more information contact Sue at or 978-729-0563

HELP: Sensei is looking for ideas for a movie to view and discuss in February. Please contact him with your thoughts.

Gassho, Koin-ni

  • Like String for Beads, is a compilation of my Dharma talks, notes, poems and Facebook comments I have produced over the last five years. Special thanks to Enjitsu-san Chris Charyk for pulling the pieces together in this book! There will be copies available every Tuesday night, or let me know if you want me to mail you a copy. The book is $15 per copy.

  • Visit our library named for Diane “Yugen” Tucker. The cart was a donation to the Sangha by Kyoshin Elin Kinney as Dana for her Jukai on November 5, 2016…many bows! The books will be added over the next few weeks and Kyoshin-ni has agreed to be our Librarian. A donation of $1 is recommend to check out books and magazines for up to three weeks. It really is a cute cart drop-by and see it soon. Oh, we wheel it out each Tuesdays and for zazenkai and sesshin, or if you would like to see if we have a book you want, get in touch with Elin <>.

  • Meditation is also held each TUESDAY at 10:00AM at the Falmouth Senior Center.

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