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Rollin River Zen

B.B. King’s home town is in the heart of the Mississippi delta, also near “The Crossroads” where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil to become the greatest Blues Man of all time.

We are landed (this mean the riverboat is maneuvered until it runs aground on the side of the river) as opposed to docked when it has pulled to a structure for people to disembark. The American Queen is the largest Steamboat ever built, 5.5 decks and carries close to 700 guests and crew-we are around 550 on this cruise from Memphis to New Orleans.

I sat zazen during sunrise this morning just above the paddlewheel on the stern. Sitting at sunrise is always differently similar no matter the location. This morning looking at a small town on the other side of a 40 ft. levee strong wind, cool air with steamboat sounds. Kind of like the Ole’ Man River Himself, we settled in. The pace of the river and the pace of zazen reconciling moment after moment.

This morning a “Riverologist” gave a wonderful lecture about the Mighty-Miss. He was asked what the depth of the River was. He relied…” from the surface to the bottom.” Or, 200 down to 30 feet, varying exact location, by time of day/night, wind speed and direction of the boat and in what season of the year all of course affected by rain and snow fall at various parts of the river.

Ole Man River keeps on “rollin” along is very much an elongated zazen constant-change not knowing just being…

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