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American Bandstand and Koans

I was a devoted watcher of American Bandstand--back in the day. Hosted by Dick Clark it was a Philadelphia based TV teen dance club that featured new songs and pop artist performing live. It was cool. One of the features of the show was rating new songs. Ratings are scales of importance so there were several teens who would vote and this popularity helped sell the records. The criteria were important. One was the words/lyrics another the "beat," and the last...was it great to dance to? As you might guess the "dance-ability" of the tune was a big thing.

Buddhism I believe, is similar as we now tend to get into something through the lyrics. Remember in Shakyamuni's day, his talks were memorized and handed down from one person to another, We remember words even better when they are chanted...a beat is put to them. Poetry and chants conjure us. Ah, but when we add dance to it we have a deeper immersion similar to Koan.

We have to have right view, right thought and right action to enliven awareness through a koan. I have written about this before as a kind of.....being picked-up spun around, turned inside-out, and becoming the universe of the moment--everything is everything all the time. There is one song/koan that captures this for me. If I were rating it on American Bandstand, it would be the coolest...

I Hope You Dance...

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