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My Dad Would Have Been 94

There are books and articles that ask us to imagine conversations with famous people. You're having a dinner party and you can invite thee famous people from history, who would you invite? My trio would would be Buddha, Jesus and Mark Twain. The mix and matching is endless of course as the point.

April 14, would have been my dad's 94th birthday-he died at age 62. My thoughts about him have three parts. One being I never felt I knew enough about us, he and I and our relationship did not solidify or something. Second, I would like to ask about his perils and dreams about which I know so little Third, I miss him as I grow older. I think because I'd like to thank him for marring my Mom and then telling him about his grand daughters, one whom he never met, and three great grand children none of who he ever saw. I imagine he would be proud of me and my life that has unfolded over the last 32 years.

April 16, is our second Tuesday of the month, last week we celebrated Buddha's birthday. This Tuesday we will talk about Zen in every life. Everyday the universe births and dies. The essence of Buddhism is that our life force of Dharma is some time particle-like and sometimes wave-like. We remember and we forecast but seldom think that IS the living process. A friend, who has an incurable disease, told me today her daughter is expecting, this will be her first first child making my friend a grandmother. The poet W.S. Merwin wrote..."On the last day of the World I'd plant a tree." Let us have a conversation about this.


Sunday April 15, I showed the documentary about the life of W.S. Merwin at the UUFF Fellowship Hall. We had 32 people attend that generated a wonderful conversation about poetry, palms/ecology, and Buddhism. Donation for the Merwin Conservancy raised $160...gassho.

On Saturday April 21, we will hold a zazenkai (one day retreat) at the UUFF from 6:30am until 4:00pm. A light breakfast and less-light lunch will be served along with several helpings of Zazen, Dokusan, training and Dharma discussion. Please join us. A donation of $10 would be welcome to help cover cost of food and use of the facility.

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