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The Middle Way is Binocular

I have appreciation for right view and easily misconstrue it as the exact middle of the Middle Way. Rather the Middle Way is binocular in the view of great ancestor Nagarjuna, and Dogen. How do I get there from here? Impermanence and independent co-arising are not separate. We say there are two realities, one we name absolute and the other we name temporal or phenomenal. However they are not one and the other.

The Heart Sutra states form is emptiness and emptiness form. They are not two, rather they are less than two. This less than two shifts awareness (prajna) from the duality of this and that or samsara, to the absolute of samadhi, inclusive. For example we view a play in a small theatre. The reality (temporal) is bound as in a box. The actors behave within the box. We sometime follow one actor or another or focus on a couple while, at the same time, other actors and props exist too. Yet our awareness is more than the looking, it is seeing deeper-beyond the visual to interconnectivity of play and life and me and others.

The Middle Way is binocular in that as with our sight, we have two separate perspectives arising independently providing "clarity." We don't think about this blend-less than two. The Middle Way is the blend before the awareness. It is the awe before the expression of the thought called "awe."

What do you think?

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