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A Donation Requested

A Direct Giving Campaign to Raise $5000 for STO’s Training Center at ASZC

Zenku Jerry Smyers, Mitsugo Liz Lawlor, co-chairs of the Silent Thunder Order Board and Zammai Lawrell Studstill Chair, Atlanta Soto Zen Center Board

To: All members and Friends of STO and ASZC

This is a direct giving campaign target of $5,000 by October 31, 2018, to support the Atlanta Soto Zen Center which has a significant drop in the residency program this year.

This goal breaks down to $1,250 per month. We simply ask that everyone consider a special donation and ask friends to do the same.

Similar to our very successful Transportation Fund Initiative, a separate account will be set-up and you may use credit-cards, PayPal, or send checks-please indicate: For the ASZC Training Fund. Please note an initial donation has been made by an Affiliate Sangha.

Go to STO or ASZC websites and click the donation button to contribute.

The campaign progress graphic will be posted on the STO and ASZC websites as a reminder of your generosity.

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