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Happy, 4th of, July, Independence, Freedom

Happy, 4th of , July, Independence, Freedom is a parsed line of words. Happy means gorged with joy. 4th suggests that it was a numbered time in a month called July that witnessed a separation affording the opportunity for being shackles free.

Does a welling of happiness occur on this day? Does it matter that it was not the actual day independence was declared or that signers may never have been all together in one room during the procedures? Independent of oppression? Freedom from or freedom to are not the same and never being shacked ourself how do we feel relief ?

In the 242 years since the the declaration and somewhat like New Year resolutions we have, though fits and starts, addressed some of our vow to be independent and free. For example for African Americans they have been a bit free about 125 years, or make that 53 years since voting rights. Dreamers, 15 years more or less. The ones wrongfully in prison, detention, opioid addiction-still waiting. Asylum seekers-wait. Native American?

We can say we are better off than most and even those who seem to want a different independence now for this less than great nation, even say so. What do we say? What do we say to veterans of wars and the Civil Rights Movement, of the LGBT movement, women's movement. What do we say to all movements that remind us as Dr. King said as long as there is oppression of one no individual can ever be free.

Life is about giving, taking, and sharing. Today Taking-Away of freedom is being preached. But don't get me wrong. Those who have been chosen to retain their freedom don't have to worry about sharing or giving. They can just accept their gift of freedom, as defined by a new authority, and they can keep it as long as they don't suggest that it is not equanimity...


Remember no service Tuesday July 3, 2018. I am in Atlanta this week and will return to Falmouth on August 7, 2018. I'll check in on Skype every once in a while... 108bows, Sensei

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