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Ango II: Hotlanta

Hotlanta, the nickname for where I am right now, originally got that handle by the hot-place-as-in-cool-place to be single. Now for this 73 year old the cool is Zazen but it is definitely HOT. 90/90 highs each day, as in temperature and humidity.

Two other changes since my November 2017 Ango I, a major event, our Annual STO conference, is underway this week and a more robust Zazen schedule 6-12-6-12. This is around the clock and along with eating much less, affords a new Dharma gate to enter, regarding sleep.

I will Skype in July 17, 2018 since I am in conference and retreat at the same time this week. On either July 24 or 31, Taiun Elliston-roshi, our Abbot (Hojo) will speak to FSZS via Skype. I will let you know which date as soon as possible.

Many bows _/\_ to you who are stepping up (or sitting down) to continue to spread the Dharma. through our Sangha Service.

In the Dharma,


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