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Whales As The First Step of the Noble Eight-Fold Path

We went watching yesterday in the Atlantic, off the coast of Boston. The objective was to "watch for" whales. Watching for and watching IT is different. In Southern-Speak" we would say ..."I'm fixing to leave." Which meant I am preparing. So we prepared to see by watching. I suggest this is the meaning of the first of the Eight-Fold Path steps-Right View.

Awareness and watching are similar as both speak of being inclined. This inclination comes from within the vastness of the true-self or true mind which extends universally-an unfolding. In the process of watching for whales, I saw people watching for whales as well as seeing them, and me seeing whales, ocean, and sky and I suspect whales watching us watch them! [Note photo is not from our trip but we were this close].

We not only saw whales, some of us received sprays of whale-snot as they exhaled right next to the boat. How magnificent was that and my sister's laughter so loud and people wiping and smiling as we watched "Nine" and "Milk," names given to humpback whales based on the patterned underside of their fluke. So now we saw whales with records!

All that I have written above are constructs and interpretations. But I saw things (a big array of possibilities) that have now become me in what I can only say is delightful...



108 bows, to Koin, Sue Eliason (and also husband Gerry) who is stepping down as founder and coordinator of our Buddhism Book Bunch (BBB). She has kept us on the path for three years but now is letting go as other needs arise.

October and November meetings of BBB will be at my house and I will send out information on our new book selection soon (see our website). If anyone is interested in taking over responsibility for BBB, please let me know....

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