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Everything is everything.


By way of the second Universal Law of Buddhism-Interconnectedness. Last week we discussed impermanence, now we think of the interrelatedness of everything simultaneously.

With Impermanence we have awareness of flux, while Interconnectedness is awareness of everything as inter-are, a term attributed to Shunryu Suzuki.

This awareness shifts from subject-object to oneness. Sometimes a semi-symbol of this is Indra's Web, the Hindu image of the cosmos as a web of diamonds, the facets of which reflect the reflections of the reflections, etc., until separation is no longer perceived.

Now look at the picture above. It is spectacular but DOES NOT depict Interconnectedness of which I speak. Rather my depiction has no perception! A crude "example" is that which is below this sentence and above the dashed-line:


This week we will explore Inter-Are on 1/22/19, talk about liberation in honor of the MLK Holiday, look ahead to our Buddhism Book Bunch (BBB) meeting at Ikusei's at 6:30PM on Sunday the 27th, and begin thinking about our Buddhist film selection for February.

As always if you have questions, please drop me an email



p.s. what if I said the example below the sentence and above the dashed-line is a polar bear in a snow storm?

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