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The Dance of Liberation: Right View

The Four Noble Truths encapsulate the emerging way of Buddhadharma (the truths of Buddha).

This being the steps one takes to address Dukkha (suffering) liberating one from the clinging, desire, and obsession induce the practice of the fourth Noble Truth--The Noble Eight Fold Path.

There are two ways to look at a path. First, one can connect dots and follow them in sequence. The second, is to take a backward looking glance to see the path that is unfolding. In Buddhism the path is defined/suggested but one must practice each step, allowing it to unfold a way of life. My teacher Taiun Michael Elliston-roshi is responsible for the diagram above. Note the Four Noble Truths enliven the path of the practitioner as she moves upright in wisdom, ethical conduct and mental disciple. These three aspects of ethics, discipline, and wisdom are the dance of life played out as conditions and variable arise.

The first step is Right View. As noted in Hojo's diagram it is seen as personification of wisdom. Specifically it is the understanding of Impermanence, Interconnectedness, non-abiding self and the Four Noble Truths. This first step implies a sweeping awareness! Right View requires a sense of accepting a direction leading away from the bondage of self. This step could be called a leap! It has profound meaning suggesting one knows (is wise to) that it is already happening even when the decision to act takes place. It is as if the wisdom precedes the development of wisdom. The first four "notes" of Buddhism (Impermanence, Interconnectedness, non-abiding self and the Four Noble Truths) become the prelude. By seeing these precursors we unfold an awareness or perspective. We intuit what will happen. Right View is mental acumen the collectives sense of what is needed to be free from suffering.

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