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Right Concentration

Thinking of walking the Noble Eight Fold Path as kinhin or walking meditation. First, we have Right Effort, mental direction allowing energy to lift and direct us.

Second, we are open, aware of our efforts within the field of the universal moment-Right Mindfulness. Third, we offer 360degrees of concentration directed at a pinpoint of engaged samadhi time/space-Right Concentration. In this practice we breathe, balance, lift, place feet, shift body weight, and evolve a rhythm or cadence that is all consuming-fully engaging.

This engagement is one with. We often hear and say we are one with something. How so? Interconnectedness here becomes not a theory but a realization. This realization can also be called "thus "or "such" or "none-other-than." I suggest this is the power of concentrated energy penetrating diffusion all the way through subject-object, a melding. In kinhin, we are Kinhin and Kinhin is us.

In concentration, the "I/ego" is lost, but not as in hidden, rather transformed, as into Oneness...


Remember we celebrate "Buddhas Birthday Bash" on April 9, 2019!

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