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Buddha's Birthday Bash

Birthdays are creative events, a coming into being in the universe. They are looked forward to while others part-taking in them constitute a party! So was the case with the expectation and arrival of a prince named Siddhartha, Gautama; born into a medium size kingdom in what is now Nepal around 563 BCE.

Legends abound with premonitions about his being either a great king or a world honored sage. Dreams of a white elephant and the spontaneous blossoming of flowers and water rising upward all have their place in the story of the birth of Buddha.

So please join us this Tuesday night from 7-8 as we celebrate his 2582 (or thereabouts) birthday.

Bring friends and take part in storytelling, washing the Buddha, and eating a lot of cake and ice cream. ____________________

Many bows to Mokuyo and Ikusei for attending our Buddhist Film at the UU Fellowship. Both spoke and Mokuyo was on a discussion panel. Susan Shelton was Tenzo for the event.

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