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First Ango Then The Chores

To paraphrase Jack Kornfield, " first the Ango and then chores not done for the last 33 days." While I am now back in Falmouth, I am taking the week to catch-up, including finishing my report to my teacher regarding my experience in Ango as Shuso and during Hossen Shiki.

I am the first student to finish our new 30-30-30 Ango. That is three 30 day sessions rather than one 90-day session.

As of today, I am no longer waking at 11:45 pm for midnight zazen. In addition, the pain of a wrenched shoulder is not keeping me awake. But, I have checked my watch on occasion feeling I forgot to sit at 6 am 12 noon or 6 pm. Also after many minutes my dog recognized me and was most attentive for a couple of hours.

Many bows to everyone who has continued to carry on in our Sangha while I was away. Sangha is the joyfulness of finding out how when each person is the sangha then wonderful things happen.

I look forward to seeing you all on June 11, 2019. Remember this is "Bring a Friend or Ten to Zen Night."

We will sit until 7:30 and then I'll take us through my Ango, Shuso, and Hossen Shiki or Dharma Combat.

108bows Sangaku

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