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The Practice of Wisdom

His Holiness the Dalai Lama turned 84 on July 6, 2019. His is the face of Buddhism and his laughter its voice for millions. His words are short and his distinct laugh most joyful. There is a rhythm in his being: right thought, concentration, and speech blended as a gift of a master story-teller.

In the book, The Wisdom of Forgiveness written in 2004, he wrestled with the English translation of his thoughts about emptiness, compassion, forgiveness, and practice (following the precepts of Buddhism) on p.170...) "developing a deep sense of compassion gives me frequent episodes of conviction." He goes on to write this evolves through practice. What does he mean by conviction? In-deed is my choice.

In-deed means the deed is the action wherein we experience the non-finite. This sense of the infinite is an awakening of the vastness unfettered by attempts to castigate. This moment a sense of wonder we call compassion arises and permeates all. It is just so..thus.

Prajna paramita is the ability to do this and the Tibetan term for those who practice such is "sems dpah," which is another term for Bodhisattva.



PLEASE mark your calendar for August 3, 2019. We will hold a day-long Zazenkai from 6:30 am until 3:30 pm at the Falmouth lake house of Enjitsu-san Chris Charyk. Directions and agenda will follow next week. A donation of $10 is requested to cover two meals.

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