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What is Meaning?

When it comes to what we are doing in propagating Zen, the argument may be made that other religions and philosophies are, basically, promoting the same thing. That is, “know thy self.” The difference is that in Zen, knowing the self is seeing through the self—to the underlying emptiness, the ultimate transparency. (Taiun Michael Elliston-Roshi)

Every so often, I am asked to explain what something means. While flattered (for a moment) I do not. I do, however, become interested in what is being asked more than jumping to complete such a tall task. I take Sensei's quote above to heart, it is not about my perceptions but about the sharing with another the Dharma.

I take the person's question to mean they wish to have a conversation. This is doable and opens a Dharma gate of self-exploration. A conversation is a melding of possibilities. This, in turn, allows the person to start formulating her/his understanding beyond self. This begins, I suggest with seeing through the self dimly. We even say sit in stillness and quiet to see how your world comes into being and goes out of being with you.

To tell someone when they ask about the meaning of "X" my meaning ,creates a shadow of "X." If on the other hand we have a conversation about "X" each of us unfold in our world view a sense of meaning that we can discuss. In Zen this understanding is forged in experience that pours out a transformational worldview-awakening.

108bows Sangaku

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