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Mindfulness Beyond Mindful

We seem to be aimlessly moving at our pace with all our stuff among others doing the same thing. We don't always stay in our lane nor they in theirs. When we share the same lane, we feel close when we don't we are distant.

When we are awake we sense this and when fully awake we have a heightened sense of even greater clarity-insight.

Being aware of the moment is being mindful. However, being aware of something is not the same as being immersed in it. The difference between logic and experience was noted by Master Dogen. He said conceptualizing, is not IT. IT is engaging in an all-consuming manner.

When we are fully engaged we do not see differences: no moving, no stuff, no lanes, no other, no same, no near, no far, and no awareness. With no differentiation, there is only Prajñāpāramitā or wisdom then It is just-thus (so) no matter what...



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