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Beach Being

I have become a beach-being. This happens. Especially after reading a book on evolution here on Cape San Blas, Florida. The seashore and I go together in this conjugation: ears becoming the surf, eyes the ocean, feet the sand, skin the warm sun and occasional landing zone for winged beach-goers, taste requiring salting things and thinking-less.

The book, The Tangled Tree, by David Quammen, explores the evolution of microbes suggesting that this complex universe called "Sangaku-Dan", is free-floating microbes, as well as the cells of skeleton, blood, and skin. It presses, Dan is ruled by microbes. Oh well, we are somewhat productive in doing our millions of things as this collective primordial-soup de jour.

Whenever we make a statement we reflect a portion of Dharma. When we experience the Dharma there is no reflection. The "Dan" and the "Beach-Being" are the same even as they are bundled for communication, but One is not the bundles.

You are the Universe-Being. How would you describe this?

Nothing to describe you might say or nothing without saying?

108bows to the Sangha for maintaining Tuesday night service while I am away.


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