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May suggests hope for warm weather here on Cape Cod. It is also a time for the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha to schedule a variety of ways to share the Dharma:

1. We offer morning Zazen meditation, via ZOOM everyday from 6:30-7:15 AM/ET. This includes sitting followed by coffee (you must bring your own) and a short Dharma Chat. Email me for details:

2. Tuesday night May 5, 2020, there will be the opportunity to ask me questions about your Practice, Buddhism, or Zen. This is also a good time to hear what others have to share.

3. Tuesday night May 12, 2020 we will begin our monthly reading of a Koan. These will be taken from the book: The Hidden Lamp, a series of koans from matriarchs in our long Zen Buddhist lineage. The first reading will be :"The Old Woman of Mount Wutai "

You can google the Koan at We will discuss the Koan and comments of a contemporary Woman Zen Disciple.

4. Tuesday May 19, 2020 our topic will focus on the work of John Tarrant-roshi and his work on Koans in daily life.

5. Tuesday May 26, 2020, we continue our monthly Dharma Discussion by a member of our Sangha. Inmo Joe LaBrecque, will discuss his Dharma name, and his love of reading, as part of this Practice.

If you would like private Dokusan via ZOOM, Email me and we will set a day and time

Donations can be made on our website by scrolling down to the PayPal donation button on the site.

May you be well and I look forward to seeing you via ZEN ON ZOOM. please use the above email address to ask for the Address and Password.

108 bows,


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