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Another Visit With Joseph Campbell

Updated: Jul 27

Our looking at the documentary on Myths rekindled my interest in anthropology.

As we viewed each episode in the PBS series, I recalled The Hero With A Thousand Faces. That made sense as to why, in each generation we make the same mistakes over and over. It is how humans learn, it is what humans do.

Our journey, our life, our purpose, are all the same generation after generation– to experience. The unknown behind the idea of the unknown as "Mu", empty of form and "Inmo" being expounded by, “The 10,000 Things” every moment. Since this “Moment” in Dogen terms happens 70,000 times a second, we have a super big number ( 700,000,000 interactions per second) which is the Universe. This inter-are is energy or spirituality if you wish, a constantly changing juxtaposition. We crave to know the why of it, you might say we become fixated on fixing God in her place…

In the newly released movie Oppenheimer, the hero looks into the face of God and sees magnificent chaos. Shiva at work: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” from the Bhagavad Gita. Each person has to come to the meaning of life as “Beyond.”

Joseph Campbell in the moving last session with Bill Moyers, talks about seeing radiance in people. This happened today when seeing my very pregnant daughter (due August 2). It was beyond, stirring rather a depth of being (me) beyond description. To refer to “me” is an abstraction, a placeholder of the experience. It is the same with “God.”

As we revisit Joseph Campbell please take a look at these short teachings of on personalizing:

Person and Myth


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