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Are you a bad Buddhist, or a good Buddhist?

Is either really possible?

On Tuesday night, Inmo Joe LaBrecque will explore what it means when we find ourselves in a position where our best intentions to live up to our ideals as Buddhists might be out-of-step with the conditions of our lives.

We might feel our practice is not exactly as vigorous as we think it should be, or we might find ourselves falling far short of what we perceive to be the demands of our precepts. Either way, we might feel that something is off, and that the peace and equanimity that are often the fruits of our practice are meant for other, “better” Buddhists.

How do we bridge the divide between the messy reality of our karmic selves and the moment-to-moment effortlessness of practice/enlightenment?

Please bring a friend or ten to Zen in person or via Zoom Password: FSZS

108 Bows


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