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FSZS Summer Schedule

Hello All

For the first time in 13 years, we are adjusting our Sangha’s activities over July and August and part of September.

Several factors have played into this decision. The main two are the absence of Mokuo and me from Falmouth. She and Kevin are looking forward to spending some extended time in Vermont, and Susan and I are going to California for the birth of our younger daughter’s first child.

Here is what we have done so far in preparation for the above. One, notified the Falmouth Senior Center that we will not teach meditation in July, August, and September. Two, notified Emerson House of Gosnold, that we will not provide meditation counseling there either for July, August, or September. Three, we will wait to start offering zazen at the West Falmouth Library until October 4, 2023. This frees-up our commitments outside FSZS.

After thinking through various options for how to meet the needs of each of us in sangha. We offer the following:

  • We will not have a Tuesday night service on July 4, 2023.

  • Beginning July 11, 2023, all Tuesday night services will be on Zoom ONLY through August 2023.

  • At the end of August, we will determine when we can go back to service at the First Congregational Church of Falmouth.

  • The once-a-month Saturday morning sit will be cancelled for July and August to be resumed by determination at the end of August.

  • We will continue to offer morning Zoom Zazen at 6:30 for those who wish to attend asking only that whoever is first to arrive serves as Doan. Attendees decide if they wish to have a Dharma discussion after Zazen.

  • Beach sitting is up to you individually it is a wonder site and I hope you give it a try.

  • There is no Dharma Cloud Book Study in August, I will provide an extended reading schedule at our July meeting, and we will complete the Kapleau’s book study on September 12, 2023. This will allow you to attend Hojo Elliston’s study of his new book The Razorblade of Zen, during the rest of 2023.

  • Mokuo will be available by email and phone in July and August, and September 2023.

  • I will be available by email and phone in July, August, and the middle of September 2023.

  • I will continue to offer Dokusan (via Zoom only) from July 1- September 12, 2023. As always please let me know some time options and we will set-up a time that works for you.

The options above give us ways to stay connected one to another. If you want to chat, just give one another a call. Of course, I’ll let you know about the new baby!

Sangha is about accommodating the needs of the members to reduce suffering and unfold loving-kindness for one another: harmonious community. Our Vows and Values speak to this. We’ll talk about this Tuesday night June 20,2023 at 7:00 PM/EDT.

Values and Vows of the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha

We vow to be welcoming to newcomers and inquirers

We vow to consider all beings as our Sangha, as best we're able,

and to continually express the dharma through body, speech, and mind

We vow to welcome and include all who want to learn, practice, and live the dharma

We vow to take-up the way of listening deeply

We vow to live a life of self-learning

We vow to help others deepen our practice

We vow to make no distinction between ourselves and others

We vow to express compassion in our thought and action

We vow to support the Guiding Teacher and Practice Leader

We vow to pay respect and take refuge in the three treasures for ourselves and others

We vow to create a harmonious community by mindful and compassionate behavior

We vow to not waste this life.

108 Bows and may you have a wonderful summer,

Mokuo Nancy Sherwood, Practice Leader

Sangaku Dan Joslyn--Sensei

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