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Kanzan John Slattery: Living in Japanese Soto Zen Monastery

Tuesday June 9, 2023 we welcome Kanzan John Slattery as our quest speaker. He will talk about his experience in a Japanese Soto Zen monastery.

Kanzan began practicing Buddhism in the Sōtō Zen tradition starting in 2001 at the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago, and received the Precepts from Zenku Jerry Smyers in 2002.

He received ordination as a novice priest in 2017 by Zenku Jerry Smyers and also in 2019 by Gengo Akiba Roshi, Director of Sōtō Zen Buddhism (Sōtō-shū) North America Office.

Kanzan is based in Oakland, CA and serves as a novice priest with Mission Mountain Zen in Northwest Montana as well as at Kojin-an Zendo in Oakland, CA, the home temple of Akiba Roshi. He works in the Bay Area as an Architectural Associate in the field of public housing.

He is also an active musician, having played drums and percussion for more than three decades - including recording and touring - and continues to record and perform locally.

Please join us...


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