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Movie Night

Once a month or so we will explore an audio or video as Dharma sharing, short in length and just deep enough.

So, please look and/or listen to them over before our Tuesday night service. You may even wish to review the offering two or three times. Then, during Dharma talk from 8:00-8:45, we will view/listen one more time and explore our experiences.

For Tuesday November 29, 2022 it is a visual enhancement of a talk by Alan Watts: How to Apply Zen in Life

Watts was almost a singular voice extolling Zen in the early 1950’ and 1960’s. Neither a scholar nor ordained Zen priest, he had the gift of word usage in writing and speaking. He called himself a “spiritual entertainer.” Yet, he turned people on so they would tune in to Zen. My first look into Zen in the late 1970’s saw D.T Suzuki, Robert Persig and Shunryu Suzuki on the scene. Listening to Watts today there is something Elmer Gantry-like in his delivery. An evangelist railing against the illusion of authority. Captivating enough to make some want to look more deeply into this Zen thing–a flashing neon sign over the Dharma gate…

This will be our last service during Founder’s Month or 2022. Many bows to all who have supported the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha and the Silent Thunder Order over the last twelve years, and I look forward to our sharing the Dharma in the year ahead.

Sangaku Dan Joslyn

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