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Mui Mike Lewis: Nonduality and Human Drives

Several months ago Mui-san Mike Lewis emailed an ask for me speak to a group at Great Mountain Zen Center in Colorado. Happy to do so, my topic was the harmonics of sangha. I then ask that he speak to our Falmouth sangha and he graciously said yes.

You may wish to visit the Great Mountain Zen Center (GMZC) website You can find talks by Mui-san and guest speakers at GMZC on

He will be speaking October 19, 2021 at 7:00PM/ET and you may join in person at the First Congregational Church in Falmouth, or through Zoom at The password is FSZS


Integrating the teachings and insights of nonduality with the primal tendencies of our biological human drives might just be the tallest hurdle to overcome in the spiritual journey. It is all too easy to fall off the razor's edge toward absolutism on one side or relativism on the other. Discipline versus freedom. Renunciation versus engagement. "Should I or should I not?" Dissolving the conflictual barrier between both the conceptual understanding and the practical experience of these seeming polarities requires a mature practice, a flexible mind, emotional intelligence, and the courage and tenacity to step off the 100-foot pole over and over again into uncertainty and discomfort. During this talk, Zen Priest Mike Mui Lewis will explore the process of merging and harmonizing the individualized sense of self with the universal reality of no-self within the context of everyday life.


Mike Mui Lewis is a Dharma Holder (Assistant Zen Teacher), Zen Priest, psychotherapist and addiction counselor, and an internationally certified mountain guide living at Maitreya Abbey, the home of Great Mountain Zen Center, in Berthoud, Colorado. Mui began meditating in 1992, practicing Yoga in 1994, and formal Zen training in 2003 at Great Vow Zen Monastery. He continued in residence at Yokoji Zen Mountain Center until 2006 and then moved to Boulder, CO for graduate school. Mui found his Dharma Home at GMZC in 2006 with Roshis Gerry Shishin Wick and Ilia Shinko Perez. Mui was ordained a novice priest in 2008 and a priest in 2017. Mui has a graduate degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University and an undergraduate degree in Experiential Education from Appalachian State University. Mui is an avid rock climber and skier, social justice advocate, and environmentalist.



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