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Open Discussion: So...

Every three months or so we have open-discussion Tuesday-Night Service. This intrigues the mind. Do we pluck a thought, contemplate a concept, explore an ancestor, or wait for others to get a ball rolling that we can connect with. Ah...options.

I've offered three possible avenues to stroll.

One is expanding our discussion of the Diamond Sutra translation offered by Thich Nhat Hanh's 1992 effort, or discussing what is FSZS's formal Practice Path Guidelines of training to take on more responsibility leading to full Dharma transmission or teaching, or not. Also a recent post on Facebook describes: Harvard's new chaplain is an atheist. Is that a contradiction?

What do these options have in common?

All of the above options for discussion are so. And, so is Zen in everyday life. Great is the meaning of birth and death and the hyhem (-) that lives among "it."

The Diamond Sutra is nestled into a series of exploration of sunyata, or emptiness, offering experience as teachings. Experience, but don't attach too much to anything. If you want what I have, try doing what I do, is Shakyamuni's invitation. If taken to heart, it may open us to take steps. to take to start us on the same path. Looking into the diamond we must contend with facets and hence we open wonder.

This coming November, all active members of our sangha will have taken vows of Buddhism. One has taken the step of discipleship and one is serving as priest and teacher. What does this mean for practice in general and unfolding of the sangha into the future--all possible questions of interest.

So please join us with your list of what, why, who, where, when, and how. Afterall it will be an everyday of life, and zen, where else can we be?

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