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Sangha Update

Sangha by design is fluid. This is not created-design, but unfolds based on condition and variables: organic flux. We as sangha, as we were sea might be, are not always aware of the ebb and flow. No matter is not so.

As of now we have a gang of four who hang out mornings and Tuesday nights via Zoom, occasionally augmented by 2-3 others. Our high attendance on Tuesday night so far this year was seven.

Currently three people are in independent study, and a couple are considering a joint study. Dokusan has three people per month. There are also occasional and wonderful coffee with some of you. Alex Kinsella is working through his Jukai study and will receive vows in November of this year so a good time and good meal are in the near future.

Our Tuesday night services vary widely in topic and occasionally by presenter. I hope the former continues and the latter increases. Ungan Bill Mayhew-sensei and I are going to give each member of our respective sanghas, the opportunity to be a speaker at the other’s weekly service. If you would like to do so, please let me know. I believe deliberate talking/presentation of one’s practice about the Dharma is also a good way to share it…an exploration of experience.

In addition, if you have a topic for my Dharma Talk, feel free to let me know.

Our Zazenkai and Sesshin schedule is quarterly with a weekend long sesshin at the end of October. I encourage you to explore sesshins with other sanghas and be willing to talk with us upon your return about the experience! There will continue to be two major Zoom options in spring and fall through the Silent Thunder Order.

Your contributions to our sangha have always been generous and 108 bows for your support. We maintain a two person review of finance (Sensei and Practice Leader) and report to the sangha annually on how we are doing. Mokuo or I can answer any questions at any time. In addition we donate to the STO and the Abbot’s Fund twice a year (approximate total of $1200).

The Jundo or Marilou Holland Fund is now at $1,000 and is held for expenditure only by a majority vote of our entire Sangha.

We are part of the community in which we are located.We have three outreach meditation groups starting in October at the Senior Center, Emerson House, and the West Falmouth Library. Also, Hokashi-san and I will explore offering meditation for Firefighters. I would like to extend this to other libraries and to EMS, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and schools. If you are interested in making this happen, please let me know.

I look forward to talking about this and any other topic relative to Sangha activities this Tuesday night at 7:00 PM/EDT. PASSWORD FSZS.

108 Bows


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