The Interplay of Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation happen in the same place-mind. In the first, there is a sense of clarity of the here, in the now. With this awareness, a simultaneously experience (inmo) occurs-the fullness of the mind as "One." Zazen is configuration of body and mind conjuring non-thinking allowing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is that place in the middle, where we are neither consumed by nor reject what is going on. We have the ability to be fully present such that we’re interested in what’s going on, but we’re not forming judgments or dashing off into proliferation of thoughts. By being with what is, we can create a space where creativity arises, where other options arise. Maybe you think, I hit someone in the mouth last week. That didn’t work out well. Let me try something else. You’re not being passive. Rather, when you’re not driven by old habits, a world of possibility opens up. Mindfulness creates this sense of space based on the balanced —not indifferent and not inert, but balanced—relationship we develop with all kinds of experiences.