The Zen of Scrooge

T'is the time. Yes, it seems to come round right about now during the year, just as it is most needed. To anticipate for young and to remember for the old. A time of good tidings and joy. A time of year that 36 major celebrations are offered by various world religions.

For me the season begins with Ohigan, then Thanksgiving, Rohatsu, Christmas, and the new year both Western and Eastern. Right now, in the world, we are asked to hold on to health practices that reduce the impact of a pandemic as we await taking a vaccine that hopefully will reduce suffering even more, possibly by Hanamatsuri.

This is a lead-in to a remarkable story of boundless wisdom for this or any time- Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Each year I turn to the gospel (good news) for renewal. For all of the things we as Buddhist and Zen practitioners can be are available in the pages of this thin book. For example, it begins with death attested to by both a door-nail and a coroner. And, then ends with an awakening or rebirth as to what was always there.