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Ungan Bill Mayhew-sensei: The Basics of Practice

Please join the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha, Tuesday May 16, 2023 as we welcome Ungan Bill Mayhew-sensei, Practice Leader of the Great Cloud Sangha. Mayhew-sensei becomes the latest fully transmitted Priest of Mokurai ( Silent Thunder Order).

As my Dharma brother he brings a life of service to our Order and can speak on experiences in both Rinzai and Soto Zen buddhism. We meet in person at the Central Congregational Church in Falmouth or on Zoom (service begins at 7:00 PM/EDT) with Ungan Sensei speaking at 8:00 PM, on the topic of Basics of Practice. PASSWORD: FSZS

(Ungan Bill Mayhew-sensei)


The Jacksonville Soto Zen Meditation Group began in 2013 and continues today, informally adopting the name the Great Cloud Sangha. Here we provide a refuge for people wishing to practice. Zen is compatible with all faith based relations and other spiritual practices. The Sangha is led by Sensei Ungan Bill Mayhew who received full transmission from Taiun Elliston Roshi, Abbot of the Silent Thunder Order in Atlanta, Georgia. Our Order is through Dr. Soyu Matsuoka (松岡 操雄, 1912–1997), who came to America in 1939. For more information on the Great Cloud Sangha:

108 Bows Sangaku

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