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Zazenkai With Emilia Jo

Emilia Jo is absorbing. She is probably the cutest baby ever and she seems to like me… I have had a wonderful time with the three treasures of watching her, holding her and doing Kinhin (walking meditation) with her.

In Insight and Mindfulness meditation one point-samadhi with some variation in image and type of breathing awareness. Our Zazen can be done sitting , standing, reclining, or walking. All of the above is a deep appreciation of experience–- something out of the ordinary unfolds.

Zazenkai which is a one day zazen experience to sesshin, which is a multi-day experience, we may focus on the Buddha’s life, the teachings, or sangha and/or a combination of the three. So you might say that Emilia and I have had several joint experiences in the last five days. So how has my granddaddy experience been zazenkai/sesshin-like? Well for one thing I enter into a calm space with a calm being. She is in her robe and I am less formal. She oozes Emilia-ness. She is being her true self as far as I can see. I watch her existence. I breathe with her, listen to her, and experience her.

Losing one’s sense of self (persona or ego) is opening the Dharma Gate of allowing. Moments contribute the universe, and in her small room she is the star, sun, and moon. I have a holistic awareness of undiscriminating energy. Awe you might say. Humbling is also fitting.

As practitioners we wade into the movement with steady steps. In Kinhin, carrying Emilia is rhythmical breathing, moving, swaying like synchronized swimmers. The dropping away of body and mind, dim light along with baby-attuned soft white noise we unfold…

When we dive deep we enter silence and a shift of current, light, temperature, and compression. This just doing-just being, is not foreign but rather so familiar we know doing-experiencing as not two.

Great is the meaning of life…

Please join us on August 15 at 7:00 PM/EDT as we look at Zazenkai and Sesshin as openings to experience of the third-kind. ZOOM-meeting only:

Password: FSZS


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