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My Life: Zen

I have been in conversation with other priests and disciples about the meaning of the phrase: Zen in everyday life. For a start three of us developed:

If only a mountain or forest monk can correctly practice Zen, its ability to impact the world is constrained to a few mountains and forests. Awareness is not bound by time or place. The Zen Way is intimate perception of the moment, unfolding self awareness, and universal awareness - in any and all conditions.

What do you think, how would you describe IT?

A hint is describe life? Life is unfolding. So, Zen is full awareness of this unfolding "impermanent-interconnectivity." Living in flux is another Dharma gate. Life does not settle as such, as much as it swirls, after all we say IT is vibrant when we see, touch, smell, taste, hear and think vibrations-think The Beach Boys.

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