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Thankful = Thanks-Giving

To be full requires giving. This seems simple enough. It is, in fact, letting go and is as simple as breathing and as important. This welling-up of gratitude comes at different times and in different ways. It may be wonderstruck by a baby and breaking-out in baby-talk: you are just the prettiest one...yes you are.

Yet the above is still somewhat self-absorbed. We have an arising sense of wonder and in the example, speech may be happening but a connection of gratitude through expressing the heart-felt moment is limited. Rather how we express day after day our joyfulness gets us aligned heartfelt-to-giving. It is a pivot-point in knowing self allowing forgetting the self-Ego dispersing as the visits of the 10,000 things begin.

We looked fear in the face last month and now we give thanks for what we have this month. Then express a sense of awe of the universe next month and a new beginning the month after that.

Today, how we give our thanks varies but the heart-felt-ness must be the same. It is a bursting forth of love, a Maurice Sendak moment of I can eat you up, I love you so.

Maybe the "Wild-Thing" is the true self of unencumbered giving and sharing. We can be thankful but it is the giving of that thanks by letting others and the Universe know how much we care, that is the true thanks-giving...

108bows Sangaku

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