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Interplay of Zen Practice and Secular Oriented Movement in The Workplace.

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Tuesday night September 27, 2022, Katto Garth Smelser will give us an update on right livelihood as he explores how his work as a mindfulness trainer relates to Zen practice and his way of life:

My meditation journey began in 2015, transforming my self-awareness as a husband, father, and public servant. Grateful for this space of personal growth, I decided to deepen my learning by sharing mindfulness practices with others.

I received accredited mindfulness facilitator training through the Engaged Mindfulness Institute and was certified by the Calmer Choice organization to teach mindfulness lessons to grade school students. Seeking to support employees’ resilience and wellbeing, I found myself co-leading the visioning and building of Mindful NOAA, a grassroots, “by employees, for employees” community of practice. Planning and hosting hundreds of daily meditation sessions and staff engagements, I've guided Mindful NOAA to becoming the first fully resourced federal agency mindfulness community of practice. I also work with the Center for Mindfulness in Public Safety to train safety and corrections officials in mindfulness-based wellness and resilience.

This past year I've served as an adjunct faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute, training senior federal executives in personal and organizational mindfulness practices to enhance leadership skills and workplace culture.

Please join us at 7PM/ET on Zoom at and password: FSZS



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