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The Frog and The Water Glass

As I walked into the bathroom this morning I notice a green leaf on the edge of the bowl that was not the sink. The leaf moved a couple of times and turned into a frog...

We cannot know the impact of our karmic (volitational) actions but sometimes we have a good idea afterwards and question, was it right action or not. I went downstairs and found a water glass and returned to the upstairs bath to conduct my intervention.

She/he was a small frog. It's eyes watching my blob approaching and then with a perfect placement of the water glass in it leaped. Morning was breaking and I had a frog to deliver to the out-of-doors hopefully to lead a full frog life.

I paused for a departing photo and then on to the beach side of the cottage, I released the being into the bush of Cape San Blas beach.

Why? What is there about reaching out? For practitioners we become compassionate and kind when we recognize our inter-are. When a moment arises, when we are face-to-face with our being with another being, and it is all that "is" being in the moment. So the frog and I had several moments of interrelating.

For me it was an intervention in the life of another, I did not kill, and it did not die. I did what I believe was worthwhile. Getting through the moment was a relief. Parted now, I smile at the image of it's face, a memory of being together as the absolute offering a real intimacy---uji.

May you all be well


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