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Wayfinding Talk: Chang he' Sheila Sussman

Here is a brief introduction:

  • Born in England.

  • Lived 12 yrs in southern Africa,

  • High school dropout.

  • Lived 4 yrs in Western Europe

  • Came to the USA in late 1969 with basket containing 1 change of clothes, 1 dress, 1 book, and a box of watercolors.

  • Married in 1971. One daughter, now 50, also a Buddhist practitioner.

  • Met Ikusei Jackie Lee in 1971.

  • Lived 30 yrs in NYC.

  • Pursued Bachelor's degree at Fordham U,

  • then 2 yrs at graduate school.

  • Photographer's assistant,

  • administrative assistant in anthropological foundation.

  • Divorced. Post 9/11,

  • 12 yrs tutoring ESL.

  • Moved to Long Island with second husband David Appel 17 yrs ago.

Chang he' has been involved in Thich Nhat Hanh teachings and is in a sangha on Long Island. She has been attending Zoom events with the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha since March of 2022.

Please join us as she shares her way of finding the Dharma.

108 Bows


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